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          2. 中國第一家圓模制造廠
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            • 柔性刀皮

            • 柔性刀皮

            • 柔性刀皮

            • 柔性刀皮


            Flexible die, which is matched with magnetic cylinder, is a kind of high cost-effective cutting tool for rotary die cutting. Our European imported high quality steel ensure corrosion& rust-proof and its good wear resistant property. Our flexible die is processed by German CNC caring machine.

            The min blade hight tolerance is 0.002mm. We also adpot high density viscose permanent magnet, and the precise cylinder design ensure the cutting accuracy and stability.


            Most roll adhesive label products use cost-effective flexible dies to make the rotary die cutting with higher performance. The flexible dies can adjust its cutting edge height and angle while working on different label cutting.


            Rule HeightRule AngleR angleGapPrecision


            The cutting height and angle of flexible die can adjust when it is designed and made, according to different cutting materials. The height of plate can be controlled within 3mm to ensure the cutting effect and dies' lifetime.

            Special designed flexible dies also can be used on continuous cutting.

            Double cutting, creasing line, dotted line and micro dotted line, which can be completed according to different customers' requirement.

            • 電話:0512 5728 2199
            • 手機:158 0626 1086
            • 郵箱:sales_laserdie@grandcorp.cn
            • 地址:中國江蘇省昆山市黃浦江南路191號

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